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Pumps from Elmira Medins

Exquisite and elegant shoes pumps are one of the main adornments of a feminine look. These models visually slim and lengthen the legs, draw the eye to the grace of the ankles and feet. Special attention is paid to these shoes in the collections of the designer Elmira Medins, and today you can choose and buy the perfect pair in the online store.

Shoes pumps: current classics

The history of the appearance of the first pair is not known for certain; there are many versions and assumptions on this score. According to one of them, initially, such shoes were worn by men, and only in the 15th century, they migrate into the women’s wardrobe. From this began a series of changes: the designers changed the depth of the cutout, the height of the heels, installed the last on the platform – until the shoes pumps acquired a modern look.

This shoe has a number of distinctive features:

  • wide cut, thanks to which the shoes are easy to put on and take off;
  • pointed toe that gives the foot a sophisticated shape;
  • lack of pretentious decor;
  • graceful heel.

The original pumps platform shoes or heel pumps are designed for special cases: they are worn for special cases, for visiting a restaurant or for a party. They look as impressive as possible: the leg in them becomes visually slimmer and longer, the gait acquires a feminine grace. An office outfit is often complemented by medium heel pumps, since they have less load on the legs. Flat pumps are considered the most comfortable everyday option.

What can you wear with Elmira Medins pumps shoes?

The designer pays special attention to the quality and appearance of products. Each model embodies an original idea, has a unique charm, many pumps are presented in just a few copies. For making products, genuine leather of impeccable dressing is used, decorated with lacquer coating, metallized coating, imitation of various textures.

To fully reveal the beauty of the shoe, it must be properly combined with the rest of the outfit. It is recommended to adhere to these rules:

  1. Black models look exceptionally good with strict pencil skirts and business suits. They are also in harmony with elegant pants, and the leg can be either flared or narrow.
  2. Beige pumps shoes embody tenderness and femininity. They become a natural extension of the foot and do not attract the eye, but give the look a special charm. You can combine such models with any light top, as well as light jeans wash.
  3. White pumps are perfect for festive looks. Such models are always popular with brides, as they perfectly complement wedding dresses. They are also tried on for cocktail and evening dresses.

Models in bright colors or with expressive prints are considered independent elements of the look. They are completely self-sufficient and become the main focus of any outfit, directing on their own beauty and creativity.

How to buy Elmira Medins pumps?

The renowned designer’s products are sold in just three stores located in Paris, Ibiza and Dubai. But all connoisseurs of Elmira Medins creativity have the opportunity to buy pumps shoes online. In the online store, you can choose shoes by appearance and description, choose the size using a size chart. The catalog also contains a large selection of bags, belts and other designer accessories.

Order the products you are interested in, and the order will be delivered anywhere in the world within 2 weeks.