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leather from Elmira Medins

Sometimes just one wardrobe element helps to create a casual, business or festive look – elegant leather jacket outfits. In combination with classic pants, it looks repressed and elegant, with jeans - democratic, and in combination with a light skirt, it emphasizes the femininity of its owner. 

Fashionable leather jackets: variety of models

Prêt-à-porter products from designer Elmira Medins are the signature approach to the formation of a silhouette and an impeccable taste in the choice of shades and textures of leather. The author of numerous collections that conquered fashion connoisseurs at the Paris shows, is in constant creative search. The catalog of outfits is regularly updated with interesting novelties, and each time the designer manages to demonstrate new facets of familiar wardrobe things. An unconventional approach to style and fixing makes things exclusive and unique. 

Creating designer leather jacket women’s, Elmira Medins strives to emphasize the advantages of the figure and perfectly masks possible imperfections. For this, the designer plays with the length:

  1. Short versions are made for owners of curvy hips. These models allow you to visually adjust the silhouette with the right pants or skirt.
  2. Elongated clothes are complemented by rounded or scrunched tails that gently fit the body and create extra volume.

Leather jacket styles are various. Preserving the general classic outlines, the author, with light strokes, gives the products business severity, everyday democracy or gentle romance. Colors and methods of material dressing have an important role here. Modern production technologies allow you to give the skin all kinds of shades, to make surface glossy or matte, smooth or textured. In this material, any designer's fantasy is successfully embodied. Things look even more unique when they are created using different combinations of fabrics. For example, leather is aesthetically pleasing to jeans, velour, fur.

What can you wear with designer leather jacket?

The versatility of this dressing has no limits. It looks great with almost any other component of a woman’s wardrobe:

  • short and elongated shorts;
  • jeans with a narrow, straight and flared leg;
  • business style pants;
  • light summer skirts and pencil skirts;
  • casual dresses.

Designer leather jacket will make a perfect tandem with leather clothes close to it in texture. But the desire to express individuality should not have boundaries, so the combination options are practically unlimited.

For leather clothing to last longer, it must be properly cared for. The product should be protected from mechanical damage, stored at normal humidity levels, cleaned from dirt with a soft cloth with special means.

How to buy Elmira Medins clothes?

The website contains models of the current season and promotional products at exclusive prices. From the photo in the catalog, you can check the leather jacket design for ladies, evaluate its style, material dressing. A special size chart will help you to choose a thing by size. For some models, pre-order is possible with a telephone notification of the arrival of clothes on sale.

In addition to a leather jacket in the online store, order other components of fashionable looks, as well as original accessories: belts and bags. Paid products will be delivered anywhere in the world within 2 weeks.