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Jackets from Elmira Medins

A woman's jacket is an important element of both a casual look and a look for a special case. And in cool weather, it is simply irreplaceable. Jackets harmoniously fit into business and urban style, they go well with dresses, skirts, elegant pants and jeans. Designer jackets from Elmira Medins will help you with this. They will not leave indifferent any bright, sophisticated and elegant woman.

What should be the perfect jacket

Considering only a few criteria when buying, you can choose your perfect jacket and enjoy its quality for more than one season:

  1. A good cut and making of a jacket will allow its owner to feel confident in different circumstances, without constraining movements.
  2. Making-up fabric. The combination of factors such as composition, texture, density and color of the fabric undoubtedly plays a decisive role in the appearance and ergonomics of the product.
  3. The style must emphasize the individuality, character and charm of a woman.
  4. The fittings must be of high quality and last for many years. Snaps, zippers should emphasize and complement the special style of the jacket. 

In the end, a thing must carry that special energy and love of the person who created it. Designer jackets for women, created by designer Elmira Medins, meet these requirements. Wearing them, every woman feels unique and unequalled.

Features and advantages of women's jackets from Elmira Medins

A variety of models, sophistication, individual approach, attention to detail are characteristic of the talented creator’s jackets. The design of each product is thought out to the smallest detail. All models have a unique cut: Japanese-style kimono jackets, asymmetrical, classic and elegant, repressed and romantic, casual and for special cases. 

When making jackets, Elmira Medins uses high quality Italian fabrics - wool, viscose, leather, cotton, jeans, acetate, as well as fabrics with a mixed composition - wool and viscose, polyester and viscose. Jackets made of leather are unique. They fit well, are comfortable and durable. Warm models for cold weather are also presented in the line of jackets.

Perfectly matched and reliable fittings give a special spice to the design of jackets. The jackets have different styles: fitted, semi-fitted, loose with or without a belt.

The color scale of products pleases the eye: pleasant pastel colors, shades of blue, black, red, white. The range of all basic colors is presented. Elmira Medins brand jackets will dilute the boring office style, add a touch of elegance to everyday. 

Ladies designer jackets are suitable not only for the office or everyday wear - they are a great choice for festive events. Picking up an ivory jacquard jacket, you can create a memorable evening look.

Due to the variety of styles and colors, every woman will be able to choose exactly what suits her needs, mood and emotions. 

You can choose clothes (dresses, skirts, pants), shoes and bags, accessories from the current collection for absolutely all jackets. You can save time by not wasting it on the selection of things that go together with each other.

Immerse yourself in a world of special luxury, beauty and sophistication with the designer jackets women’s by Elmira Medins. Delivery of orders is carried out to all cities of Ukraine and Europe.