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Shoes from Elmira Medins

Give a woman a pair of luxury shoes and the whole world will be at her feet. The phrase is not new, but it is well known to everyone who was even a little interested in the life and fate of Marilyn Monroe. She loved cool shoes, and the whole world adored her. Eterry shoes, presented in the Elmira Medins catalog, will suit taste of connoisseurs of designer clothing made in the best traditions of Alta Moda.

Open sandals, elegant eterry shoes, sensual boots: Elmira Medins shoes change “body language, it uplifts us physically and emotionally”.

What should be the perfect shoes?

If we are talking about an ordinary pair of good shoes, then the following requirements are imposed on it:

  1. Highboots, boots and eterry shoes should be comfortable for long-term wear. The owner of a pair of shoes made of leather, nubuck, suede should feel as comfortable in them as in plush slippers. Even the most luxury shoes should take good care of a woman’s foot - caress, hug, support the foot and arch.
  2. The thing should be made of premium quality materials - strong, reliable, durable and hypoallergenic. So it will retain its presentation for a longer time, will serve its owner faithfully for many years.
  3. Harmony with the wardrobe is another basic requirement for every pair of shoes. Everything, as the legendary geisha Mineko Iwasaki bequeathed: “Look at the shoes and you will find out everything about the person”. The synergy of shoes and clothes will tell the viewer everything about your taste, mood, life goals.

Designer shoes stand apart from the entire product line. Its distinguishing feature is a unique idea. Each pair of designer shoes is the result of the meticulous work and throes of creation of designer Elmira Medins. These are the one and only luxury shoes in which the soul of their creator is embedded.

Range of designer shoes at Elmira Medins

Our online boutique contains a signature collection of women’s designer shoes from Elmira Medins. 

  1. Sandals. The products are presented in the main colors of evening dresses - black, gold, silver, rose color, emerald, graphite. Leather cords and straps are connected in such a way that the female leg gets extra sensuality. And a little defenselessness.
  2. Eterry heels. The shape of the heel is different - spike, stiletto, kitten. It was about such shoes that Evelina Khromtchenko once said: “a woman should have stilettos, in which it is difficult to walk, but on which the hearts of men are easily strung”. 
  3. Ankle boots of various degrees of closeness. This is a true sign of faith for many women, because only such designer shoes easily allow a woman to feel free and uninhibited.
  4. Boots from Elmira Medins are glamorous, beautiful and designed exclusively for catwalk from a taxi or your own car to a meeting point with friends.

There are also many stocking boots in the collection, which visually resemble boots, but in practice, they are not. They softly fit the ankle and visually stretch the legs to the standards set by Nadja Auermann. 

All these luxury shoes online are available on our website. You can buy each of the design artworks presented in the catalog. And let the price not stop you on the way to your own happiness, because it is better to buy one pair of designer shoes than three pairs of ordinary ones. They will last longer and will bring disproportionately more pleasure. Happy shopping!