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Sandals from Elmira Medins

The ideal summer shoe is as open as possible, light, giving freedom of movement. Exactly such designer platform sandals are born in the creative workshop of Elmira Medins. These shoes are created in order to make your every look perfect, and your every walk comfortable and filled with positive emotions.

Women's designer sandals: wide range

The main elements of the sandals are the sole and the straps that surround the foot. It might seem that such a simple design leaves no freedom for designers to create. But the talent for finding new solutions helps Elmira Medins to create unique collections every season, in which each model is distinctive and original.

Women’s sandals are of different types:

  • with open and closed toe;
  • with heels and flat;
  • with open and closed heel;
  • with simple fastening or lacing.

Casual models have the simplest design, most often they are produced on a flat run or on a small, stable heel. Office options are more closed than casual ones: the toes and heel in them are covered by inserts made of dense material. Also, business shoes often have medium heels.

The most elegant are designer platform sandals or high heels. They adorn the leg, emphasize its fragility and grace. Such shoes give a woman confidence in her attractiveness, sexuality, femininity. Exclusive models from Elmira Medins are perfect for stage events and special occasions.

A variety of materials are used for making products: genuine leather, dense textiles, suede. High-quality shoes are distinguished by lightness, elasticity, comfort and stylish design.

What can you wear with women's designer sandals?

Summer fashion is democratic and loosely interprets the rules of wardrobe compilation. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Beige models are universal. Due to discreet color, they practically do not attract attention and become, as it were, a natural continuation of the foot. Therefore, they can be freely combined with bright and monochromatic clothes of all colors.
  2. Black sandals look more repressed and strict. Therefore, they are suitable for office style or events where brighter shoes would be inappropriate.
  3. White platform sandals or stiletto heels, as well as models in patent leather or metalized leather, with rhinestones and other decorations are the choice for special occasions. An appropriate outfit is selected for such shoes: light chiffon skirts, silk dresses flowing over the figure and other elements designed to emphasize femininity.

Models without heels are the least demanding on the rest of the clothes. They can be easily combined with skirts and pants of all kinds, look great with denim or textile shorts, simple cut sundresses.

When choosing designer platform sandals or flat sandals, it is important not to be mistaken in size. The big toe should not protrude beyond the sole, the same rule holds true for the heel. When buying shoes with heels, we recommend that you make sure that the upper fixes your foot securely and does not allow it to move forward under body weight.

How to buy Elmira Medins women’s sandals?

The online store presents an exclusive range of available models from the current summer collection. We are also launching seasonal designer sandals on sale at unique prices - this is a great opportunity to afford more stylish new things.

For a comfortable choice of shoes, each model is accompanied by a photo and a description; to determine the size, a size chart is presented on the website. After payment, purchases are delivered within 2 weeks.