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Pants from Elmira Medins

Classic fashion pants – universal option for clothes in business and casual styles. Designer pants for ladies have become a must-have for any fashionista. The correct cut and perfect fit will not only help correct figure flaws, but also guarantee comfort in movement. This is what Elmira Medins designer pants are characterized by - individualism, unique style and reference ergonomics.

The catalog of our online store contains all the current collections of pants that correspond to the latest fashion trends.

Material features

Elmira Medins brand policy sets strict regulations regarding the selection of fabrics and raw materials used to create future products. Natural fabrics are the key to beauty, comfort and a healthy appearance of human skin. In the collection, you can choose pants from the following materials:

  • cotton;
  • wool;
  • viscose;
  • silk;
  • tight jeans;
  • knitted fabric.

​Girls can find the perfect pants for everyday wear or special event. For making products, only high-quality materials and fabrics, which are sent to a workshop in Italy from certified textile factories located in different parts of the world, are used. A whole team of professional tailors and designers, led by Elmira Medins, work to create one line of pants. All things are hand-made using premium fabrics and fittings.   

Style of women's designer pants

Sketches of new models of pants are created and drawn by the chief designer and, concurrently, the owner of the brand Elmira Medins. The main feature and spice of Elmira Medins pants is a high waist and tucks along the leg. This technique helps to visually lengthen the leg, stretch it and make it thinner.

Luxury cotton pants design for ladies are the most popular among all collections. The correct fit allows you to emphasize the shape of any girl. Natural materials do not cause discomfort to wear.

Blue jeans are a must-have for any wardrobe. This is the basic thing that is the key thing of the capsule collection. Classic jeans have a deep blue wash, tucks are made on the back pockets, which visually lift the buttocks. The dense material does not stretch or deform. This technique allows you to adjust the figure of a woman in accordance with the correct proportions. 

Style and color of women's sweatpants

Elmira Medins dressing embodies women’s classic fashion with modern touches. The line includes pants with a high or empire waist, using sewing techniques to correct the figure. The collection includes:

  • flare pants;
  • skinny;
  • classic model;
  • cropped pants 7/8;
  • luxury sweatpants women’s.

Pyramid pants deserve special attention. Their peculiarity lies in the presence of patch pockets sewn to the waist and significantly increase the hips. Such pants are made of knitted dense fabric.

Sweat suits with pants are also included in the catalog. Cotton is processed in such a way that the output is soft and pleasant material. Popular sweat suits are made from it. 

When choosing a color scale, preference is given to delicate shades of pink and beige, a bright palette of red and deep black. A belt is considered an additional accessory to pants. Leather belt with metal fittings will accentuate the waist, so you should think about this accessory. 

On the brand's website, you can order your favorite pants and pay with a card. For the correct selection and purchase of pants, you can use the size chart. It contains parameters and dimensions. It is provided for each product separately. Delivery is carried out to all cities of Ukraine.