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Shorts from Elmira Medins

Elmira Medins’ exclusive designer shorts women’s are unique in a sense. Each model presented in the author’s catalog is made in a limited edition, so the probability of meeting someone in a similar outfit tends to zero. For making all things, only perfect raw materials and textile materials are used: fabrics, accessories, snaps and other decorative elements.

If you are looking for a unique shorts design for ladies, we recommend you to pay close attention to the line of clothes from the Italian designer Elmira Medins.

Author’s design of shorts and uncompromising quality in every detail

A person who does not have deep knowledge of the sewing art may come to the hasty conclusion that creating a creative design for designer shorts women’s is not difficult. In fact, the whole process is much more complicated: first, the design “on paper” is thought out, with a pattern and drawing of the final length, inlay of seam, central back seam and other important parts. When the models of the front and back halves are ready, they need to be brought to life using quality materials: cotton, viscose, linen, polyester or any other that is required to implement the plan. After making, the shorts are tested for strength, durability and compliance with the standards of the textile industry – everything has to start from the beginning in case of even the slightest defect.

The Elmira Medins website presents exclusive shorts design for ladies with a number of advantages:

  1. Unique design. Each model is the result of many days of creative research and inspired work.
  2. Natural fabrics and other elements of clothes. Summer women’s shorts are made from light cotton, linen, sometimes from knitted fabric or tulle. Synthetic elements are not allowed - this is part of Elmira Medins’ philosophy.
  3. Creative fixing. A distinctive feature of any designer thing in comparison with factory products is unique, in every sense of the word, fixing, during the modeling of which clothes are linked to the shape and design of the product, bring everything to a common denominator in terms of color and style.

Fashion is not about dressing. It’s a state of mind, and with Elmira Medins’ clothes, you can fully feel the depth of her philosophy and realize one simple thing - beauty cannot be measured, but it is easy to feel it with every fiber of your soul.

How to order Elmira Medins designer shorts women’s

It is profitable to buy directly on the producer’s website, since here you will find the lowest prices without any extra charge. Here, the visitor always sees the current models for the current and next seasons: check out the range and pick up the thing that has sunk into your mind. Each model is accompanied by a detailed snapshot, and we recommend using the size chart to select the size.

To get more information on issues exercising, order a call – our specialist will provide detailed information and help with ordering. Delivery of products is carried out to all cities of Europe and Ukraine within 2 weeks.