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Evening dress from Elmira Medins

Cocktail dresses – luxury look for all time. It is intended for special cases and attending all kinds of social events - hence such an elegant name and charming decoration. Italian designer Elmira Medins offers exclusive long dresses designs for ladies in three styles:

  1. Traditional. In such dresses, the length barely reaches the knees, while the sleeves and collar are completely absent, providing maximum freedom for the woman in movement. They look luxury but without excessive pretentiousness and vulgarity - everything is as repressed as possible. Hence the name. They are made from silk, velvet, chiffon, and sometimes even from satin.
  2. Formal dresses. One of the most popular luxury dress options for modern young ladies. In length, the dress reaches the knees, and sometimes partially covers them. Most of the models are fitted and belted, which allows you to favorably emphasize the contours of the body.
  3. Asymmetric. Elmira Medins experiments from time to time, creating unusual styles with an asymmetrical cut. Moving away from straight lines towards creative and unpredictable shapes is what you need for women who are tired of the usual symmetry.

Elmira Medins’ range includes only unique designer evening dresses on sale: you can find options for special events with strict or free dress code.

Advantages of Elmira Medins formal dresses

The main advantage of any design thing is uniqueness, which is achieved due to the following factors:

  1. All dresses are created by hand, taking into account current fashion trends. The probability of meeting someone on the street wearing the same thing is negligible, which increases its value and emphasizes the uniqueness.
  2. Comfortable, durable and long-wearing materials of natural origin. No synthetics, no cheap raw materials - only premium fabrics, accessories and decorative elements.
  3. Excellent sewing quality, neat stitching, reliable fastening of accessories and fixing.
  4. Compliance with generally accepted world quality standards.
  5. Thoughtful design, which is created not only for beauty but also for convenience.

Luxury dresses online will give self-confidence throughout the entire wearing. No compromises - only comfort and a unique visual image.

Why should you buy cocktail dresses design

The true value of a thing does not lie in the cost of its materials, or even in the price of a master’s work. What really counts is the feeling that clothes give after purchase. Feeling of uniqueness, distinctiveness and irresistibility. These are the emotions that Elmira Medins, a world-class designer who creates teasing masterpieces of the fashion world, gives.

Here, on the designer's website, you can keep track of all the latest news and receive the latest information about possible designer cocktail dresses sale, which happens regularly at the end of the season. If you liked any dress, order a call back - our manager will contact you to clarify the details and provide the necessary information. Delivery of products is carried out from Europe within 2 weeks.