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Coats from Elmira Medins

Outerwear should not only protect from bad weather and keep warm but also be exquisite, comfortable and allow its owner to feel unsurpassed. These qualities are possessed by things from the Elmira Medins brand. They will warm not only due to the quality of the materials used but also due to the energy put into them when creating. 

The line includes a variety of coat designs: with and without ruffles, double-breasted and single-breasted, with and without a belt, dress coats, as well as sentaler coats, which are now at the peak of popularity.

What is the perfect coat

A women's coat is one of the versatile women's wardrobe things, especially during the cold season. To enjoy wearing this type of clothing, it is important that it meets several criteria:

  1. Should fit well. Suitable for your body type and height. Emphasize advantages and hide flaws.
  2. Made from natural materials selected according to the season: wool, cashmere, cotton, leather.
  3. Perfectly, there should be two coats - one basic pastel and natural shades. It will suit absolutely any image and mood. Others are more custom designs.

Elmira Medins ladies designer coats are made according to these criteria. The owner of any figure will find her own version among a variety of designs.

Each customer can choose the most suitable coat length. The range of the brand includes long, short and medium length models.

In production, only natural fabrics are used in order to ensure maximum convenience and comfort. Durable fittings that will last a long time are used. 

Elmira Medins embodies repressed, elegant and classic styles in her designer coats to make their owner feel like a sophisticated, confident lady. Small details create exclusive models.

Light and winter coats from Elmira Medins

In the line of coats, you can choose both the current spring-fall models, and no less stylish winter coats. The main thing is comfort and the perfect look in any weather.

Light coats are made of cotton, fine cashmere and wool. You can choose a basic option. Or you can choose a model with a twist for special cases. Fall will be your favorite time of the year if you have this coat in your wardrobe.  

A stylish woman cannot do without a designer padded coats women’s in winter, so that even in cold weather she can be on top and not change her elegant image. Winter coats are also made according to the philosophy of the Elmira Medins brand - classic and repressed. To create them, Italian luxury fabrics are used, made of 100% wool or cashmere, and they have an additional lining with insulation. Designer long padded coats women will allow you not only not to freeze in skirt in winter but also to look beautiful and stylish. 

For any type of coat, you can pick up both shoes and a bag from the current collection. They combine well with each other and in tandem will create a perfect stylish look.