Elmira Medins

Elmira Medins is a Tatar designer born in Ukraine in 1989 in a family environment composed of architects.

Her father’s interest as an architect for graphic design and art nouveau marked her first steps in drawing at the age of 12 and it was two years later that she began to paint.

Drawing and painting drew her into fashion and at the age of 15 she began her first shoe designs.

At the age of 16, in the continuity of her work, she began to draw her first collections of clothes, for this purpose to perfect her natural talent she joined the Fashion University of Kiev.

She specialized in designing clothes and shoes she created for herself by considering them as her first art objects outside of painting, her passion since ever.

At the age of 18, having already drawn many models, she began to study technical design, to finally know perfectly all the manufacturing processes for both footwear and clothing, the design and structure of its products requiring a perfect fabrication.

At the beginning of her work, the shoes particularly caught her attention, for these she designed geometric structures that reflect her attractions for the new art she loves so much.

Her sense of the importance of a woman’s being elegant and feminine from head to foot becomes her credo “the beauty of a woman begins with her feet.”

Her studies have finally led him to create a shoe design marrying beauty of the design, elegance, perfect heel height and comfort … to finish to have created more than 300 pairs, from then to now.

Women are for Elmira Medins a source of inspiration for their independence and power, Tamara Lempicka for her impact on art deco, Camille Claudel for her sculptures of women, Zaha Haddid for her deconstructed architecture and lines, Editor Franza Sozzani for her taste for fashion and obviously for the icon Gabrielle chanel for ,among other, her character!


Thanking all those woman as a source of inspiration, Elmira Medins decided to devote herself to fashion in order to present her unique style.


From her desire to dress women perfectly her has from now created 10 collections, winter, spring, summer, autumn. Clothing & Footwear


These collections are a reflection of this work which makes obviously understanding the special relationship of the stylist between drawing and creation.

The silhouettes are simple and yet very sophisticated, the fabrics perfect harmony with the cut produce a certain elegance, which is then accentuated by effects of transparency.

The final point being to highlight the beauty and purity that a woman suggests in carrying the creations of Elmira medins

According to Elmira Medins, a woman must feel perfect,  the outfit  she would decide to wear must reflect her style, her personal identity and her state of mind at that special occasion. That is why Elmira Medins, designs limited collections for clothes and shoes, each piece being numbered.


Art & Inspirations

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